Take control of your Training
Become Stronger, Fitter, lose Body Fat and Train to feel Empowered
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With 25 years of coaching experience the Empow[Her] Coaches will guide and support you through the 12 week program.

From understanding how to maximise your Training to managing your own Nutrition we've got you covered every step of the way.

If your goal is to become the strongest version of yourself, get fitter, lose bodyfat and feel empowered by your training this is the program for you.

The program is delivered via an app and is designed to be flexible to fit your lifestyle. You can train 3-5 days per week and adjusted the sessions from 45-75 minutes.

Our focus is always on maximising the time you do have to train without it taking away from other areas of your life.

The Facebook Community is the Empow[Her] base where support is given from the Coaches and others in the Community alike. 

The Community provides a place for Questions to be asked and for those who need it, a means for accountability as well.

The Empow[Her] Coaches will review and feedback on any lifting video a member submits. 

Video feedback ensures perfect technique is being used, maximises progress and minimises injury risk.


I joined Empow[Her] because I totally lost my confidence and love for training. I thought it was the perfect opportunity to see if I could fall back in love with training which I very much have done. I am seeing so much more benefit from doing things properly and not just trying to smash myself every session. It’s been an amazing opportunity and has blown my expectations out of the water. 
Why is Empow[Her] so impactful?
☑️ The Community: The power of Community leads to greater success for all through shared experiences and similar goals. Be supported on your journey by likeminded Ladies who'll celebrate your highs with you and support you through your lows (because we all have bad days).

​☑️ The Training: Take control of your training. Get stronger, leaner, more conditioned and train in a way that empowers you rather than defines you. Intelligent, progressive training is the key and you'll experience this with Empow[Her].

☑️ The Education: The Empow[Her] Coaches will be providing you information Training, Lifting Technique, Recovery and much more. Their aim is to provide you with as much information as possible so that you feel empowered to take control of your own training.

☑️ The Accountability: Your goals are achieved through your actions so what you do daily, weekly, monthly matters. In Empow[Her] we understand the power of accountability and how it leads to greater results. From the weekly Check-Ins to Accountability Buddies we do everything we can to ensure your actions are leading you to success.


Taking part in Empow[Her] has proven to me that you don't need to be doing a load of long training sessions each week to see brilliant results. I chose three 45 minute gym sessions per week because I knew I could fit this in with a lot of other life stress happening. Empow[Her] is a program for everyone, at any level and provides a fantastic learning platform too.
Do you ever feel like...
​🔘 You're training hard but not seeing results: This problem is so common. Lots of Ladies are training hard, putting in 5-7 days a week of training, and not seeing results. This is because their training usually lacks direction and doesn't take into account the need to rest and recover because it's only then your body changes. Our progressive training program WILL make you stronger, leaner and more conditioned training just 3-5 days a week.

​🔘 You're not supported in your fitness goals: Our Community of wonderful Ladies and Coaches will support you through every step of your Empow[Her] journey. Whether it's celebrating a new lifting PB or supporting you through a tough week we're all here to help you succeed.

​🔘 Training and Nutrition is confusing: With so many training and programming approaches out there differentiating between the good, the bad and the ugly can be very challenging. The Empow[Her] Coaches are here to answer any questions you may have and guide you through the minefield. Our aim is to share our knowledge with you to help you take control of your training and help you cut through the confusion.

🔘 Your lifting Technique could be improved: The Empow[Her] Coaches provide detailed technique videos to help guide you through the major movements. We understand Technique is key to seeing increased results and reducing injury risk so we're here to analyse your technique videos and provide Coaching feedback to help you improve.


Before Empow[Her] I had massively lost the passion for training after hitting an 8-month plateau. Since starting Empow(Her) the fire in my belly has spurred up once again! The programme has taught me how to train smarter but also with more compassion, letting go of my "Go hard or go home" mentality. 
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